Well-Being is on the rise at American. Whether you want to feel better, look better, get support, learn more or help others, there’s a resource here to get you there.

Feel Better


Connect with your dedicated health assistant for questions big or small.

24 Hour Nurseline

Advice, resources, and support any time. See the back of your medical card.

Medical Care

Find a provider to get the medical care you need.

Condition Management

Work to manage a medical condition.

Onsite Clinics

Find an onsite medical clinic at work locations around American.


Connect 24/7 with a doctor using your camera enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

Get Support


Onsite or local caring experts are there for you when you need them.

StayWell Rx

Check out StayWell Rx to save big on prescription costs for eligible diabetes and high blood pressure medications.

Help Others

Community Involvement

Help yourself by helping others.

Learn More


Snapshot your health in 15 minutes.

Life Resources

Get help managing stress, life changes, financial issues and more. liveandworkwell.com
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Preventive Health Screenings

Formerly called biometric screenings, these quick assessments help you know your health numbers so you can talk with your health care provider.

Look Better

Healthy Eating

Talk to a nutritionist today through Limeade.