Current and New Team Members

As a U.S.-based team member, you are eligible for a wide array of benefits. All new team members are eligible for benefits starting on their first day of active service. Be sure to elect or waive coverage within 60 days of your date of hire. Visit the New Hires page for more details.

You can also make changes for the following year during Annual Enrollment each fall or within 60 days of a life event.


Your eligible dependents:

  • Spouse.
  • Domestic partner (if you’re enrolled in the Core medical option).
  • Dependent children up to age 26, or to any age if disabled and approved as incapacitated by the medical administrator before age 26.


Dependent Verification

A few days after you enroll your eligible dependents, you will receive an email from the Benefits Service Center asking to submit documentation to verify your dependents. To submit the required documentation, visit the Benefits Service Center and select the Dependent Verification tile on the homepage.

Married team members

If you are an American team member married to another American team member, you can enroll in medical, dental or vision coverage separately or as a dependent.

Be sure to compare costs — you may save more if you enroll separately. If you’re already under your spouse’s coverage, your spouse will need to remove you from coverage before you can enroll yourself. If you and your spouse have children, only one team member can cover them as a dependent.

When benefits end

For most team members, your benefits will end on your last day of employment at American.

Once coverage terminates you may elect to continue your health benefits through COBRA. The Benefits Service Center will mail a COBRA package to your alternate/benefits address after your termination is processed. You may also enroll online three to four business days after your separation is processed.

Contact the Benefits Service Center with additional questions at 888-860-6178.