When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is your best protection. American is proud to partner with mobile mammography providers across the country to provide convenient preventive screenings at many of our worksites.


Mobile mammograms are by appointment only. Please have your insurance and primary care contact information available when you call ahead to make your appointment.


What is a preventative screening mammogram?

A preventative screening mammogram is used to look for signs of breast cancer in women who don’t have any breast symptoms or problems. X-ray pictures of each breast are taken, typically from two different angles, according to the American Cancer Society.

What is the cost?

The preventive screening is covered at 100% for team members and spouses enrolled in the Core, Standard, Plus, High Cost Coverage and DFW ConnectedCare medical options and for domestic partners enrolled in the Core medical option. Those enrolled in the PPO 80 and PPO 90 options will be responsible for a $25 copay.

If you are not enrolled in one of the options mentioned above, your cost will be explained when an appointment is scheduled.

Is a breast cancer screening right for me?

Mammography is currently the best way to screen for and avoid the serious consequences related to breast cancer. However, while getting a screening is the best way to protect yourself, a mammogram may not be right for everyone. Talking to your primary provider regarding your individual risk is recommended to determine if and how often you should complete a mammogram. According to the American Cancer Society, the general guidelines for most women are as follows:

Women ages 40 to 44 have the option to start screening with a mammogram every year.

• Women ages 45 to 54 should get mammograms every year.

• Women 55 and older can switch to mammogram every other year, or they can choose to continue yearly mammograms.

What about men?

While men can develop breast cancer, their risk is too low for regular screenings to be efficient. However, if concerned about any symptoms or irregularities, men should reach out to their doctor for a diagnostic exam.

Are appointments required for mobile mammography appointments?

Appointments will be required for the on-site screenings. Please have your insurance and primary care provider contact information available when you set up your appointment.

If you are unable to make an appointment at a local mobile mammogram event, we encourage you to schedule a mammogram with a local provider. To find one near you, visit the locate a provider page for resources to help.