Mental illness affects nearly one in five adults in the U.S. every year, but few know where to go for care or how to take advantage of available treatment options. Learn where to find help when you need it the most, including counseling, professional providers, onsite services, and online resources.


Take advantage of free and confidential counseling sessions with licensed providers through your Employee Assistance Program. You can choose from telephonic counseling (free and unlimited) or in-person counseling. In-person counseling can be face-to-face, online, or via chat and includes up to four free sessions per issue for you and your household members, then your medical coverage will apply.

Your EAP is only here to help you. Your personal records will never be shared with American or anyone else without your permission. All records, including medical information, referrals and evaluations, are kept strictly confidential in accordance with federal and state laws.

These benefits are available to all team members and anyone in their household, for any personal issue, big or small. To learn more: Call 833-721-2322 or visit our EAP page for username and password information.

Mental Health Coverage

Find physicians and professionals who specialize in the diagnoses and treatment of mental illness and substance abuse issues. Like any medical service, you should always locate an in-network provider and review your coverage.


Connect with Accolade to find an in-network provider.

Online Resources

Your Employee Assistance Program also offers an online database of resources and tools for managing all kinds of issues including financial and legal worries, overall well-being, work-life balance, care-giving referrals and more.

Onsite Consultations & Referrals

Onsite EAP counselors are available at our airport hubs and the Robert L. Crandall campus.  All onsite EAP counselors are licensed mental health professionals specialized in working with American team members.  They can assist with providing confidential services, emotional support, professional guidance on handling difficult work and life challenges, management consultations, and provide resources and referrals to additional services.

Learn more about your Employee Assistance Program and how to contact your local EAP counselors.