With American, you gain buying power. Take advantage of additional benefits at competitive group rates.

Enroll and learn more about voluntary benefits or call 855-550-0706. You have 60 days from your date of hire or after a life event to enroll or make a change to your benefits.

Auto & Home Insurance

Apply at any time during the year.

Through the Auto and Home Insurance program, insure your auto, home and other property, and yourself against personal liability — with competitive rates and savings. Speak with a licensed insurance representative to receive free, no-obligation quotes. The Comparative Rater tool quickly compares auto rates on coverage. Call today for quotes from leading carriers: Farmers GroupSelectSM, Travelers, and Liberty Mutual®.

Pet Insurance

Apply at any time during the year.

Make sure your pet is covered for the unexpected. With Nationwide® pet insurance, you get nose-to-tail coverage for accidents and illnesses, as well as diagnostic tests, surgeries, prescriptions, wellness care, and more. From checkups to significant medical problems, Nationwide® is your way of protecting your pets — and your budget. You can even use your insurance at any vet worldwide.

LifeLock ID Theft Protection Services

Apply at any time during the year.

Safeguard your identity and your household’s important financial information. LifeLock® helps protect your identity with the unique combination of detecting, alerting, and restoring. Keep your personal information private with LifeLock®.

Receive up to a 40% discount by using promotion code AAEMP1 when enrolling.

Critical Illness

Enroll as a new hire or during the annual enrollment period.

Be prepared in case critical illness strikes you or a dependent. This coverage can help safeguard your finances by providing you with a lump-sum payment when your family needs it most.

Examples of covered medical conditions include:  cancer, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass, end-stage renal disease and major organ transplant.

The payment is in addition to any other insurance you may have and is yours to spend as you wish.

Accident Insurance

Apply at any time during the year.

Accidents happen. Group Accident Insurance provides benefits based on your injury and treatment. It can even help pay out-of-pocket expenses that medical insurance won’t (including deductibles and copays).

Hospitalization Plan

Enroll as a new hire or during the annual enrollment period.

A hospital stay can be expensive. Be ready for costs not covered by your medical plan – including deductibles and out-of-pocket medical expenses – with hospitalization insurance.

The insurance pays a fixed benefit amount directly to you for each day a covered person is hospitalized for a covered event (minimum $1,000 for the first day and $200 for each following day). You and your family members are guaranteed to be accepted for coverage – no statement of health is required.

Careington Dental Discount

Apply at any time during the year.

This program provides access to tens of thousands of quality dental practices across the country who have agreed to accept significantly reduced fees for the same superior treatment.

Since the Careington dental discount plan is not insurance, there are no deductibles, no waiting, no maximums and no exclusions. You simply pay the discounted rate for treatment at the time of service. This low-cost program is especially useful if you are in need of dental work that’s not covered under your dental insurance, have met your annual maximum, or don’t have dental insurance at all.