You Can't Put a Price on Good Health
Earning points for gift cards or contribution credits are a great way to get started. But being well and enjoying your life is the best reward one can ask for. Use the incentives to get started or to get back on track. Use the programs here to stay on course, and the rewards will pay out for a lifetime.

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Healthmatters Programs
Health Advocate Team

Call 1-888-227-6598 to speak to a nurse, coach, dietician, or customer service representative when you need guidance on health-related questions.

Your Health Advocate Team members can help you:

  • Choose a doctor or specialist and assist in making appointments
  • Prepare for a doctor's visit
  • Resolve claims and billing issues
  • Learn more about a medical condition
  • Know more about drugs your doctor prescribes, such as the difference between brand-name and generic medications
Special Programs
Based on your health needs you may be eligible for other Healthmatters programs.
StayWell Rx - Prescription Discount Program

Enroll in the StayWell Rx program and earn discounts on eligible diabetes and/or high blood pressure prescription medications.

Three easy steps to participate in the StayWell Rx program:

  1. Call Healthmatters at 1-888-227-6598 to confirm the eligibility of your medication and enroll in the StayWell Rx program.
  2. Chat with your Health Advocate Team member and learn about ways to better control your condition.
  3. Fill your eligible high blood pressure or diabetes prescription medications through Medco-Pharmacy-Medco by Mail.
  4. Remember to keep the savings — chat with your Health Advocate Team member every 90 days to keep your discount. If you take a generic medication, your eligible prescription will be free. On certain brand-name prescriptions, you will pay a reduced co-pay of $15.

Rewards Programs
Health Assessment

In 30 minutes or less, complete the Health Assessment questionnaire to find out where you are health-wise and to help you decide which Healthmatters tools are right for you.

Complete the secure online Health Assessment or if you prefer, call a Health Advocate Team member who can help you complete the questionnaire over the phone. Information about your identity or health condition is not shared with American Airlines.

  • Employees: Access the Health Assessment at MyActiveHealth via the Healthmatters page from the Benefits page of Jetnet or call 1-888-227-6598.
  • Covered spouses/domestic partners and other dependents: Visit or call 1-888-227-6598.

Tip: Complete a Quest Diagnostics Screening and a Health Assessment and rack up some serious Healthmatters Rewards points!

Note: You must first complete either the Quest Diagnostic Screening or Health Assessment for your points to become active.