Based on where you live, you may be eligible to enroll in one of the HMO options listed below. For complete details on HMO medical options and programs, contact the appropriate HMO.

You have wellness choices, too

If you enroll in an HMO, you will not be eligible to earn Wellness Rewards. However, check out your HMO wellness programs for help with healthy living. There’s more available than you may think.

For example, whether you’re a Kaiser HMO member or not, you can visit Kaiser Permanente's website for a wealth of healthy resources — such as lifestyle programs with online coaching, special rates on complementary care services and classes on topics ranging from childbirth to stress relief.

HMO contact information

CommunityCare of Oklahoma800-777-4890
Health Plan Hawaii (HMSA)
Humana of Puerto
Wellness program:
Kaiser - N. & S. 
Wellness program:
Triple-S Puerto
Kaiser SFO (US only)

Your monthly contributions

AA Plans 
 Employee OnlyEmployee + SpouseEmployee + Child(ren)Family
CommunityCare of Oklahoma$98.92$279.77$176.71$376.03
Health Plan Hawaii (HMSA)$14.17$191.29$121.01$256.93
Humana of Puerto Rico$42.87$119.81$75.96$160.78
Kaiser Mid-Atlantic$90.73$256.48$162.02$344.68
Kaiser N. & S. Cal.$90.73$256.48$162.02$344.68
Kaiser SFO based employees only $0.00$256.48$162.02$344.68
Triple-S Puerto Rico (AA)$55.88$157.00$99.50$210.70

2017 Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Community Care of Oklahoma


Kaiser Mid-Atlantic



Kaiser California

Hawaii Medical Service Association

Triple S (Active)

Triple S (Retired)

Triple S (Active) Spanish

Triple S (Retired) Spanish


Detailed benefit information

Community Care of OK Medical Grid

Community Care of OK Pharmacy Grid

HMSA Benefit Summary

Humana Benefit Summary Spanish

Humana Benefit Summary

Kaiser California Benefit Summary

Kaiser Mid Atlantic Benefit Summary

Triple-S Benefit Summary Spanish

Triple-S Benefit Summary

Triple-S Puerto Rico English