Your 1095-C Tax Form


Similar to last year, you will be receiving a 1095-C form per the Affordable Care Act. This form provides verification that you and your dependents had coverage in 2022. You will not be required to file this with your tax returns but you will need to retain the form in your records.

For team members who were enrolled in the Core, Standard, Plus, High Cost Coverage, DFW ConnectedCare and PPO 80/90 medical options in 2022, all 1095-C forms will be mailed no later than Feb. 1, 2023. Those who elected electronic delivery will receive two emails around Jan. 23, 2023 when your form can be accessed on the Benefits Service Center. The emails will come from and domains and are not spam or phishing emails. For additional information, please visit the Benefits Service Center and click on the “Medical Tax Form 1095” tile. For team members enrolled in HMO options, your HMO administrator will mail your form no later than March 2, 2023. For questions please contact your HMO administrator.

If you do not have Jetnet access, you can access the Benefits Service Center at and log in using your user ID and password.