Before undergoing surgery, you’ll want to be connected with the highest-quality providers and facilities. That’s what SurgeryPlus does.

If you are enrolled in a medical option through American (except DFW ConnectedCare) and have a covered surgery coming up, SurgeryPlus will:

  • Assign you a personal care coordinator to offer one-on-one guidance and support as you prepare for, undergo and recover from surgery.
  • Connect you with a top-ranked, board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeon near you.
  • Facilitate and consolidate your payments. SurgeryPlus negotiates all costs before the surgery, so you’ll pay a single rate for all associated surgical charges, and any bills will come directly from SurgeryPlus.

This is a benefit available to you if you’re enrolled in the Core, Standard, Plus, High Cost Coverage, PPO 80 or PPO 90 medical options. You can choose whether or not to use SurgeryPlus for your surgical procedures, except for bariatric procedures, which are required to use SurgeryPlus.

To connect with SurgeryPlus today, call 833-709-2445.

You can also go through the SurgeryPlus member portal. Click Register Now to create your profile and start exploring this free service.