Need a little extra support? Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available at no cost to all team members and anyone in their household. Team members and dependents enrolled in an American medical plan can also take advantage of no cost services like our 24/7 Nurseline.


Positive mental health is important for your well-being. Get the support you need through American’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offering 24/7 access to resources, counseling and work-life services.

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24/7 Nurseline

Accolade: 833-346-3929 (833-FIND-WAY)     

DFW ConnectedCare: 800-784-5473

Get complimentary advice from a registered nurse anytime. The nurseline is a great option when you need quick advice from a medical professional who can guide you to the proper care.

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If you’re planning to have surgery, SurgeryPlus can offer peace of mind and convenience.  They can refer you to board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons; consolidate your billing among several providersl and offer other support. This service is available to team members in all American medical options except DFW ConnectedCare.