How to Submit FSA Claims


Submitting a Claim

The easiest way to submit a claim for FSA reimbursement is to visit the Benefits Service Center and select the Reimbursement Accounts tab.

  1. Click on Get Reimbursed and select the account you wish to submit a claim for.
  2. Choose to either submit your receipts/documentation either by uploading a file or through fax or mail.
  3. Upload, fax or mail the completed form, along with receipts or other documentation by the date indicated.


Receiving Reimbursement for Your Claim

Once your claim and receipts have been received, a decision will be made within 10 days. If approved, a reimbursement from your account will then be made to you one of the following ways:

Direct Deposit – Money will be deposited in your account in 2 to 3 business days. This is the fastest way to receive your money. If you haven’t enrolled in direct deposit, you can sign up on the Benefits Service Center under Your Profile.
Check Mailed to You – You should expect to receive your check in 5 to 7 business days.

Tracking Your Claim

If you’ve submitted your claim online, you can track your claim status on this site after your claim and receipts have been received.

Claim statuses will change as receipts and other documentation are received, and when a decision is made on your claim.

Special Situations

You’re allowed to submit health care claims during the plan’s run-out period, as long as the service or purchase occurred while you were eligible under the plan. You can’t submit a claim for future services.

Remember that your claims are reimbursed based on the date when the service occurred, not the date you paid your bill. For example, if you visited your doctor when you were eligible for coverage under the plan and paid the bill after your coverage ended, the claim would be processed because the service occurred while you were eligible for coverage.

Special situations may apply to submitting claims for orthodontia. For questions regarding benefit elections, contact the American Airlines Benefits Service Center at 1.888.860.6178.