Commit to Fit Summer Challenge

Challenge Details

The six week challenge is simple: log a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Each week that you reach that goal, you'll be entered into a weekly drawing to win your choice of an Apple Watch 2 or Samsung Gear S3. If you meet this goal for all six weeks of the challenge you will be honored on our "Total Commitment" page and entered into the grand prize drawing to win one of two $2,000 AA Vacations Gift Certificates, or one of two individually personalized, custom made Helix mattresses based on how you sleep.

Be sure to log your activities for each week (Monday through Sunday) on this challenge page by the following Tuesday to be entered into the weekly drawing!


Q: Who can participate in the challenge?
A: All U.S.-based mainline American Airlines employees, as well as spouses enrolled in Standard, Core, Value, PPO 80/90/100 or OOA medical options are eligible to participate in the challenge. Spouses will first need to register for the WebMD Wellness portal by visiting and following the "Family Login" link.

Q: What kind of activities count towards the challenge?
A: Everything from walking to water polo counts as weekly physical activity in the Commit to Fit Challenge, so get moving in a way that's right for you. You can break the 150 minutes up in any way you would like throughout the week. Consult with your primary health provider before starting any exercise program.

Q: How do I win?
A: Simply log 150 minutes or more of physical activity per week, (Monday through Sunday), to have a chance to win. Each week that you meet this goal, you will be automatically entered to win a weekly prize, as long as you log your activity by the following Tuesday. If you meet this goal all six weeks of the challenge you will automatically be entered into the grand prize drawing.

Q: How are the winners selected?
A: One weekly winner will be drawn at random from participants who met the goal of logging at least 150 minutes of activity for the previous week (Monday through Sunday). Log entries must be completed by the Tuesday of the following week to be eligible for the drawing.

Four grand prize winners will be drawn at random from participants who qualified for the weekly drawing each week, for all six weeks of the challenge (between 7/10/2017 and 8/20/2017). Log entries for the final week must be entered by 8/28/2017 at 5:00 EST.

Q: What can I spend an AA Vacations Gift Certificate on if I win?
A: AA Vacations Gift Certificates can be spent on airfare, car rentals, hotel and activity expenses through Note: Cruises are not offered through AA Vacations and AA Vacations Gift Certificates are not eligible to be used on cruises.

Q: How do I customize and order my mattress if I win?
A: You'll receive a voucher good for any individually designed, custom-built Helix mattress. Simply take their 5-minute Sleep Quiz, and Helix's proprietary algorithm will construct the perfect mattress for you based on your body type, sleeping style, and preferences. Your Helix mattress will arrive at your doorstep in 7-10 days. Learn how Helix makes sleep personal at

Q: How can I see the data that has already been entered or uploaded?
A: An image displaying the last seven days of data displays on the Challenge Lobby page.

Q: Can I edit my data after it has been entered?
A: Data can always be edited while the Challenge is running. Use the calendar widget or arrows on the Challenge Lobby to access data for the day you want to edit.

Q: What should I know about Wellness Rewards?
A: In 2017, you and your covered spouse can earn up to $250 ($500 total) in wellness rewards if you are enrolled in the Standard, Value, Core, or PPO 80/90/100 medical options. Your rewards are deposited into your YSA spending account and can be used for medical, prescription, dental and vision expenses for you and your dependents. Registering for the challenge counts as one of your portal activities related to the $75 Get Engaged with Your Health Reward. Even if you're not eligible for Wellness Rewards, you can still participate in the activity challenge and win the weekly and grand prizes.

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