Enroll in the StayWell Rx program and get a 90 day supply of eligible generic medications for free and brand name medications for $15!

Employees, spouses, and dependents age 18 and older, covered by American’s Core, Standard, Value or PPO/80/90/100 medical plan options, are eligible to save on their diabetes or high blood pressure medication through StayWell Rx.

Three easy steps to start saving:

  1. Call WebMD at 1-888-383-8740 to enroll in the StayWell Rx program.
  2. Chat with your WebMD Health Coach and learn about ways to keep your condition under control.
  3. Fill your eligible high blood pressure or diabetes prescription medications through Express Scripts mail order or at a CVS or Safeway-owned retail pharmacy.

Please allow 7-10 days for your enrollment to process before filling your prescription. 

To find a list of eligible medications click here.

You must make one call with a coach every year to maintain enrollment in the program.