Your Money Doesn't Just Sit There

You choose how to invest it in any of the fund options available through the Plan. The goal is to grow your savings over time with earnings on your investments.

You can invest all of your account in one fund or spread your account among several funds. Go to the NetBenefits website for information about each fund. Read about each option carefully and make your choices based on your personal situation.

If you don’t choose how you’d like to invest your account, it will be invested automatically in the plan’s Qualified Default Investment Alternative, which is an American Target Date Fund closest to the date you will turn age 65.

You’re in Control

You can change how you invest anytime through the NetBenefits website or by calling the American Airlines 401(k) Service Center at Fidelity at (800) 354-3412. If you request a change by 2:59 p.m. CT, it will be processed the same day. You can:

  • Change the way future savings (and loan repayments) are invested, and/or
  • Change the way existing balances are invested.

There are two ways to change the way existing balances are invested:

  • Transferring money in one fund to another fund, and
  • Rebalancing your entire account.

Where to Go For Help

American Airlines 401(k) Service Center at Fidelity
For day-to-day activities and monitoring of your 401(k), you can go online to Fidelity NetBenefits® to request transactions, use planning tools, learn about retirement planning, and more. You can also call to speak with a representative about your account. | (800) 354-3412

Fidelity one-on-one guidance
Meet one-on-one by telephone with a Fidelity Guidance Consultant to talk about your options and your investing style. This is a service of the 401(k), so it’s available to you at no additional cost. Call (800) 603-4015

Financial Engines’ Online Advice and Professional Account Management
Take advantage of online investment advice, planning tools, and resources at no additional cost. And, for a fee, you can elect to have Financial Engines, an independent investment advice and management service provider, manage your 401(k) account. To speak with a Financial Engines representative about enrolling in the Professional Account Management program, call Fidelity Investments and ask to be connected to Financial Engines. | (800) 354-3412