You made it through the Challenge!


Let’s take a look where else your fellow team members participated. Over 105 stations and hubs logged five or more days a week in the step challenge. We had individuals competing solo in their stations and 100s of team members who worked together to get their steps in.

Team members were stepping all over the world!


The American team registered 1,285,395,802 steps, over 1 billion! That’s 642,697 miles or 25 trips around the earth or over 14 million 777-300s.

How did your fellow challenge winners get their steps in and plan to keep moving?

“At work, we do campus patrols and investigate 911 calls and misdials.  I took every opportunity to do any of these tasks”, said Patrick Doyle, week 3 winner. On setting goals after the challenge, he said it’s all about “making conscious decisions that have a huge impact on our long-term health. Just like anything in life; make a decision and follow through.”

Need some more ways to keep getting your steps in?

  1. Don’t fast forward through commercials, use that time to pick up stuff around the house.
  2. Don’t use the moving walk way, you take at least half as many steps while on the moving walk way.
  3. Don’t use the closest facilities, walk to the next restroom or lunch spot.
  4. Take a walk with your sweetie, carve out time to get your steps in and spending time with someone important.