Save on Prescriptions
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    Three Ways to Save on Prescriptions
    Now that you’ve started using the medical option you elected for 2013, get the most out of your prescription drug coverage
    Top Rx Tips
    1. Choose Generics Whenever Possible
    On average, generic drugs cost less than one-third the amount of their brand counterparts.
    Many brand drugs have generic equivalents. A generic equivalent is a drug whose active ingredients are chemically the same as one or more other brand drugs. Inactive ingredients may not be the same.
    If you choose a brand drug when a generic equivalent is available, you will pay the generic coinsurance/copay, plus the cost difference between the brand and generic drug. If you choose a brand drug when a generic equivalent is NOT available, you will pay the brand coinsurance/copay.
    For a list of generic equivalents, go to the Express Scripts/Medco website
    and price your brand name medications.
    2. Use Medco by Mail for Long-Term Prescriptions
    If you’re taking a long-term medication — for more than three months — you can save money by using Medco by Mail. (Even though Express Scripts acquired Medco in 2012, the companies are still merging and some programs remain separate, such as the mail-order program).
    When your doctor prescribes a long-term medication, for example, to control high blood pressure or cholesterol, ask for a 30-day prescription AND a 90-day prescription. Fill the 30-day prescription at a retail pharmacy to get started, and mail your 90-day prescription to Express Scripts/Medco. Not only will you save money, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having a 90-day prescription delivered right to your selected location.
    If you don’t get long-term medications filled through Medco by Mail, you will pay more. After the initial fill and two refills, you will pay 50% of the cost rather than the amount specified by your medical option.
    For more information about Medco by Mail, go to the Express Scripts/Medco website
    3. Save Money on Prescriptions with StayWell
    Enroll in the StayWell Rx program and get a 90-day supply of eligible generic medications for controlling diabetes and high blood pressure at no cost and brand name medications for $15.
    1.    Call Healthmatters at 1-888-227-6598 to confirm that your medication
is eligible and enroll in the StayWell Rx program. Remember, to do this first!
    2.    Learn about ways
to keep your condition under control from your Health Advocate.
    3.    Fill your eligible prescription
through Medco by Mail.
    Visit by phone with your Health Advocate every 90 days to keep your discount.
     Remember # 1 Not sure if your meds qualify? Call 1-888-227-6598, the list is long!