New Parent Resources

Get the details on the newly announced Maternity Disability Plan, Adoption Assistance, and other benefits for new parents.

Mobile Mammography

Mobile on-site mammograms are coming. Click here to learn if a screening is right for you.

WebMD Wellness Program

Earn up to $250 by participating in the new WebMD Wellness Program

Advance Medical

Access expert opinions on the best treatment for your medical situation.

Plan Information

2017 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Employee Assistance Program

Learn how EAP can support you and your family with change, challenges, coping or crisis.

Voluntary Benefits

Learn about pet insurance, Hyatt Legal Plan, critical illness insurance, identity theft protection, and more.

WebMD Wellness

Earn up to $250 by participating in the new WebMD Wellness Program

Doctor on Demand

Connect with a board-certified doctor - 24/7/365

Onsite Health Clinics

Immediate care services and on-the-job injury treatment at your worksite.

2017 HMO Information

You may be eligible to enroll in an HMO depending on where you live.

Benefits 2017

Learn what benefits are like at American Airlines

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Healthy Hint of the Month

Did you know it's not always best to brush your teeth right after eating? Tooth enamel is often weakened during meal times, especially when you eat acidic things like soda, fruit, vegetables or wine. Try having a glass of water after eating to wash away any acid, then wait 30-60 minutes before brushing to give your enamel a chance to recover!