Welcome to the Healthmatters Team

When you take the first steps to complete Healthmatters activities, you automatically become part of the American Airlines Healthmatters team. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete an online health assessment, starting you on the path to earning incentives now, and big rewards later. Spouses and partners can join the team too. Good health is the best gift you can give yourself, and to the family who will love you even more.

Get set.

Who is eligible for Healthmatters
Generally, Healthmatters is available to all U.S.-based AA employees and pre-65 retirees with a U.S. address and their eligible family members. Eligibility for specific resources may differ based on your medical benefit option.
Privacy Policy

Your private health information is just that - private. Information gathered by our partners will be used for your benefit to help guide you on your path to wellness. These partners are required to comply with all laws protecting privacy.

What happens with my health information?

American Airlines manages employee and retiree health benefits. To assist American Airlines has business relationships with third-party vendors, for example Aetna, BCBS, ActiveHealth and Quest Diagnostic. The sharing of health information between these companies is permitted by regulation. For example your medical claims information is sent from the administrator to ActiveHealth. This information is used to identify programs and resources that may be valuable to you. All information provided through Healthmatters remains available for review by you. You may choose to share the information with your doctor and other medical professionals.

Key Dates for Healthmatters
Rewards for AA Employees Married to AA Employees