Why should I take the time to complete my health assessment?

When you complete this online questionnaire, offered through ActiveHealth, your answers provide a snapshot of your health. Reviewing the results with a Health Advocate gives you a map of potential wellness goals. Understanding where you are in terms of your health can help you take preventive action - before any smaller health issues become larger ones.

You’ll also receive $100 in Healthmatters Rewards.  Being healthy pays off!

Who can participate?

U.S.-based American Airlines employees enrolled in the Core, Standard, Value, PPO 80/90/100 or Out-of-Area medical options can take the Health Assessment. Your covered spouse or domestic partner can too.

Health Advocate

Be sure to review your Health Assessment with a Health Advocate to get valuable insight into your results. Call 1-888-227-6598.

How long does it take?

You can complete the online Health Assessment in about 15 minutes. Your call with a Health Advocate depends on your results and any questions you may have.

Your privacy is important

ActiveHealth is an independent provider. Your Health Assessment results are confidential and are not reported to American Airlines. ActiveHealth only reports whether you completed the Health Assessment.