Take Steps To A Happy Heart

Complete Your Quest Diagnostics Screening and Earn Healthmatters Rewards

American Airlines wellness program Healthmatters and Quest Diagnostics are helping you take steps to a happy heart. Confidential screenings are available to all AA employees, retirees and covered spouses or domestic partners at no cost to you. If you are covered by an AA medical plan option, you will also receive Healthmatters Rewards points for this activity.

This non-fasting, confidential screening tests for diabetes and measures your cholesterol and blood pressure. By identifying potential health risks you can start taking preventive measures now.

Sign Up Today, It’s Easy!
Schedule an appointment for an onsite event or at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center:

  • Visit at http://my.blueprintforwellness.com (Registration key: AA)
  • Or call Quest Diagnostics at 1.866.908.9440
  • Your unique ID is adding leading zeros to your nine-digit Employee ID Number (ex: 000123456)
  • Your Spouse/Domestic Partner unique ID is the employee’s nine-digit employee ID + the letter “D” (ex: 000123456D)
*Spouses, domestic partners and pre-65 retirees may be welcome at some locations. Security procedures may apply.

Remember... No fasting is required but drink lots of water before your screening.
  1. Points for taking the screening
  2. Bonus points for taking the screening before April 30
  3. Meet 4 out of 5 of these results, you’ll earn additional Healthmatters Rewards points:
LDL Less than 160
HDL More than 45
Total Cholesterol Less than 239
Blood Pressure Less than 139/89
Diabetes (HGA1C) Less than 7.5%

When and where will you see your screening results?
About two weeks after your screening your results will be posted on the Healthmatters Reward Center on MyActiveHealth along with your points. You will also receive your results in the mail directly from Quest.

The Quest mailing and website includes personalized targets and other important information. These personalized targets may be different then the Healthmatters targets above. The Quest targets take into account things like age and gender. The Healthmatters targets are broader targets applicable to the entire population. They were developed by doctors, from ActiveHealth and our Care Management team and represent current acceptable standards. The Quest screenings are a resource for additional health information. You are encouraged to share the Quest results with your doctor.