CHAMP - Changing Habits And Motivating People
"I became a CHAMP to help promote wellness from a holistic approach. It’s about self-care and knowing we are worth the effort" - Lela French, EAP Manager, Maintenance & Engineering - TULE

As the spokesperson for change, the CHAMP's goal is to inform, educate, and inspire the AA family to initiate and sustain better living through healthy choices by promoting Healthmatters programs and resources.

What Is A CHAMP?

The volunteer position of CHAMP has been created to enhance the success of the Healthmatters program at the local level. CHAMPs will encourage employees to participate in all elements of the program, including leading a healthy lifestyle. CHAMPs will also help employees navigate Healthmatters program tools and resources.


  • Desire to help employees make a part of their everyday lives.
  • Sincere belief in the goals of the American Airlines Healthmatters initiative.
  • Commitment to help the Healthmatters program succeed.
  • Ability to actively promote program activities among co-workers.

CHAMPs in good standing are eligible to participate in Healthmatters Rewards to earn points redeemable for the rewards for their workgroup. CHAMPs who are not eligible for Healthmatters Rewards (e.g. employees who waive AA medical coverage) will receive gift cards in lieu of points.

Responsibilities and Commitments:

The primary responsibility of the CHAMP is to serve as a local source of program promotion and motivation for employees.

Volunteers will be expected to:

Be willing to volunteer time to support the Healthmatters program — there is no compensation associated with the role of CHAMP.

  • Serve in this role for at least one year.
  • Obtain approval from their supervisor to serve as a CHAMP.
  • Continue to meet all work obligations as structured by their direct supervisor.
  • Participate in CHAMP conference calls and or webinars.
  • Promote all elements of the Healthmatters program among co-workers, using the resources provided by American Airlines.
  • Organize a minimum of one local event to earn Healthmatters Rewards points. Organize a maximum of four local events promoting the goals of Healthmatters and earn extra points.


  • Hanging posters, sending e-mails, delivering flyers, presenting at internal team meetings, distributing brochures and tracking forms to break areas, etc.
  • Solicit and provide feedback to American on what's working/not working with Healthmatters and offer recommendations based on their own observations.

Where do I sign up?

How do I self-report my events?

How much time will it take to be a CHAMP?

It will vary somewhat based on your location and participation levels.

  • Typically, your general duties will take two to four hours a month. If you are planning an event, it will take more time.

    This is just a guideline - you could spend more or less time being a CHAMP. Remember, your work comes first. If you find that you are unable to complete your CHAMP duties, please contact
  • To earn Healthmatters Reward points for being a CHAMP you will need to host at least one local event. Use the CHAMP Event Report Form to register your event.

    Where do I send any testimonials I receive?

    Use the "Send Us Your Success Stories" link to submit testimonials.